Traction Group


After sterling service throughout the 2014 season, time has caught up with our DEMU 1132 "Thumper" (or class 205 205032) and it has been retired for a while for a programme of mechanical and body work.

1132 at Bow during the 'Not The Last Thump' event
Photographer: Peter Chapman
Date taken: 28/09/2014

Meanwhile our class 08 shunter 08937 is being repainted, and now sports its pre-TOPS number D4167 on both sides. It sees regular service on engineering trains.

The engineering train pauses at Okehampton with a load of rails for Meldon
Photographer: Paul Martin
Date taken: 25/09/2014

It's acquired an Exmouth Junction shedplate - not strictly authentic but appropriate to a locomotive based at Okehampton.

72A shed plate was Exmouth Junction, of which Okehampton shed was an outpost
Photographer: Dan Roche
Date taken: 21/06/2014


Both coaches of our resident Class 205 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (otherwise known as "Thumper") have been turned to equalise wheel wear. This was accomplished by using a low loader.

1132 & 61743 at Okehampton
Photographer: Peter Chapman
Date taken: 13/04/2013

1132 on Low Loader at Meldon
Photographer: Julian Pope
Date taken: 04/04/2013

47 375 worked the Polar Express services with 31 452.

47 375 Okehampton
Photographer: Dave Clegg

Our "Thumper" DEMU 1132 is undergoing repair at the present, and we hope it will be able to re-enter service at Easter 2013.

Photographer: Phil Wagstaff
Date taken: 07/04/2012

Our resident 08, now has numbers.

Date taken: 11/06/2011