DRSA Rolling Stock

As many members will know, the DRSA has recently (August 2013) invested in rolling stock for the railway. Originally the only vehicle owned by the Association was the 1942 LMS Brake Van 713411, but with suitable vehicles not available on the railway the DRSA identified a need to have both air-braked and vacuum-braked stock to run with visiting locomotives, particularly steam. As a result, the DRSA now owns three further vehicles:
- 1968 Mark.2A FK coach 13436
- 1951 Mark.1 LAB11 research coach S34249
- 1948 BR(S) SR-style Brake Van LDS55625


LAB11 entered service in April 2015 after a 2 year restoration. It has been finished in the blue and orange livery it carried when in service with BR Research, albeit with an interior more suitable for our use. The BR(S) Brake Van is a longer term restoration project, but it is hoped that volunteers will be starting work shortly. Any members interested in helping with rolling stock restoration, should get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator Geoffrey Horner (01363 82383) or send an email to volunteering@dartmoor-railway-sa.org.