Dartmoor Railway Stocklist

The links below provide access to details of many of the railway vehicles to be found on the Dartmoor Railway. It will be clear from the text that there are considerable gaps in our knowledge of their history, and we would be grateful for any extra information. It was also surprisingly difficult to find a suitable photo in some cases, and we would be grateful for submissions of better or more illustrative photos. Please contact jonathankelsey[at]btinternet.com.

Access warning

Please note that much of the DR stock is stored at Meldon when not in use, and Meldon yard is NOT open to the public. The yard is in a privately owned quarry site, and the quarry working restrictions are still in force. Please do not trespass, as it could compromise our continuing access. Quite a lot of the Meldon yard is visible from the adjacent Granite Way cycleway. Since late 2017, some stock has been stabled in the extended Okehampton Platform 2 siding, and may be visible from the main car park.

Locomotives and Multiple Units:

31452 (Class 31)
D4167 (Class 08 shunter 08937)
1132 (Green Thumper)
1128 (Unrestored Thumper)
68086 (Wickham trolley)
4220016 (Flying Falcon)
S103 (Steam locomotive)


RDB 975046 (Lab 11)
S13436 (FK)
61743 (Blue/grey driving trailer)
DB 977335 (Rocket)
80225 (Courier)
70273 (4CEP TSOL)
59520 (Class 117 DMU centre car)
69310 (Meldon Buffet)


731411 (LMS Brake Van)
LDS55625 (SR Brake Van)
E86443 (GUV)
DB 889022 (Ferry Van)
94691 (CCT)