Special Events on the Dartmoor Railway

Sulzer weekend

On February 4th and 5th 2017, Dartmoor Railway CIC in conjunction with the Dartmoor Railway Supporters Association will be running an enthusiasts weekend utilising the Polar Express traction before it leaves the railway. The trains will operate over the full length of the line which is over 15 miles. All trains start at Okehampton and will also stop at Meldon Viaduct station giving passengers the opportunity to visit the viaduct that once carried the Southern Railway main line to Plymouth.

The traction available comprises 45060 'Sherwood Forester', and 33035, both owned and operated by the Pioneer Diesel Group, with support from DR resident 47828, owned by D05 Preservation. All are Sulzer-powered, the first 2 with Crompton Parkinson main generator and traction motors, the 47 with Brush electrics. Polar Express carriages A, B, C, and D will be used, along with the 'Rocket' generator coach.

Subject to the usual caveats about availability, the provisional traction plan is as follows:
Saturday – 45060 at the Meldon end and 33035 at the Crediton end all day
Sunday – 1st train 33035 Meldon end and 47828 Crediton end
Sunday – 2nd and 3rd trains 33035 Meldon end and 45060 Crediton end
We hope to use 47828 on full length line runs at least once during the 2017 season though with a shorter rake. It would have to be at the Crediton end as per our safety management system.

Timetable for both days:

Meldon depart----102512551525
Okehampton arrive----103513051535
Okehampton depart----104513151545
Coleford Jcn arrive----112013501620
Coleford Jcn depart----112513551625
Okehampton arrive----120014301700
Okehampton depart100012301500----
Meldon arrive101012401510----

Fares are as follows:

One full return trip£10.00£8.00£5.00£20.00
Day Rover£12.00£10.00£6.50£26.00
Weekend Rover£20.00£16.00£10.00£45.00

- As this is a special event, DRSA members free passes and HRA Interrail cards are not valid
- A family ticket is for 2 adults and 2 children
- Ages 5 to 15 travel on a child's ticket
- Carers of disabled ticket holders, children under 5, dogs and bicycles travel free
- Passengers are not permitted to alight at Coleford Junction

The driving team of Graham Isom and Keith Netherton with 45060 and 33035
Photographer: Alistair Gregory
Date taken: 23/11/2016