Stocklist - Vans - E86443 (GUV)

The freshly painted and lettered GUV in the bay platform at Okehampton
Photographer: John Caesar
Date taken: 24/03/2012

E86443 is a Mk1 General Utility Van built in 1959 by Pressed Steel, probably at their plant in Linwood, Scotland, to diagram 811. It went through the usual plethora of identities, first as NJ or NK mail van 93443, then converted to NX Motorail van 96161, and finally NPA 110mph Motorail van 96212. In the latter guise it arrived on the DR in 2006, and following use as a cycle hire store, it became the workshop and store for DRSA's Station Maintenance team. In 2011/12 it was repainted and given its original number again. Much to our chagrin, shortly afterwards it was moved to its present location off the end of Okehampton platform 2 to make way for the Polar Express staff sleepers, and is a much less useful workshop as a result. It is air braked.

A downloadable information sheet (245Kb) has more details.

Owner:Dartmoor Railway CIC


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