Dartmoor Railway Heritage Services

Heritage services will commence on March 30th. Trains will run on weekends and bank holidays. The standard timetable - see below - will apply except on days when events trains run, the first of which will be for Mother's Day on March 31st.

Please note that as yet we don't know what, if any, arrangements will be made for passengers wishing to travel on the standard heritage service to Meldon on an event day. Until clearer information is available, we strongly advise prospective passengers to contact the railway before travelling.

Known events trains:
Mother's day - March 31st at 1300
Murder on the Dartmoor Express - April 20th, June 29th, July 27th, Aug 25th, Sept 21st at 1930
Afternoon tea - April 19th, May 25th, July 13th, Aug 14th, Sept 28th at 1300
Peppa Pig Easter - April 21st at 1130, 1300, 1430 and 1600

Standard timetable

Meldon Viaductdep----10.4511.4513.0014.4515.5517.05
Okehampton Platform 2arr----11.0012.0013.1515.0016.1017.20
---------------------------- ----
Okehampton Platform 2dep10.1511.1512.3014.1515.2516.35 ----
Meldon Viaductarr10.3011.3012.4514.3015.4016.50 ----


All Day Rover£5.00£4.00£3.00£14.00
Single Journey£3.00£2.00£2.00£8.00


- Dartmoor Railway CIC Conditions of Carriage (145Kb) apply.
- Family ticket comprises 2 Adult and 2 Child tickets.
- Child ticket is required between the ages of 5 and 15.
- Children under 5, well behaved dogs (not on seats please) and bicycles carried free.
- Single Journey ticket is for one journey between Okehampton and Meldon Viaduct in either direction.

Rolling stock notes

Heritage service train:

Class 08 D4167/08937
Mk1 BSK RDB975046 Lab11
Mk2A FK S13436
LMS brakevan 731411

At some point in the season Thumper 1132/205032 may re-emerge from its current re-paint and become available.

Events train:

Class 31 31452
DTSO DB 977335 aka The Rocket
Mk2f FO 3387
Mk2f FO 3411
Mk2f FO 3353
Mk2f RFB 1213
Mk1 BSK 80225 Courier van
Mk1 TSOL 70273
Mk2f TSO 6002
Class 31 31285 (rumoured), otherwise presumably Class 08 D4167/08937

Okehampton station cafe society, October 2014.
Photographer: Sue Baxter