Stocklist - Vans - 94691 (CCT)

The CCT in its departmental guise as DB977358 at Radyr Yard nr Cardiff
Photographer: Kevin Dancer
Date taken: 29/05/1987

94691 is a CCT (an abbreviation for the slightly archaic Covered Carriage Truck) also confusingly known as a GUV(Y), and in effect a 4 wheeled version of the bogie General Utility Van of which we also have an example. Vacuum braked, 37 ft long, weighing 17 tons with a carrying capacity of 10 tons, CCTs were built for carrying parcels and cars; the latter necessitating the end doors.

94691 was built at Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows (St Helens, Merseyside) in 1961, in lot 30564, to diagram 816. Initially allocated to the Western Region, it would have carried a W prefix and BR maroon livery. Subsequently it found its way into departmental service as DB977358, ending its BR days as a stores van at Radyr before withdrawal in 1989. In the latter guise it was a type QRV; Q = Departmental, R = Stores van, V = Vacuum braked. (The fishkind departmental wagon names are much more interesting).

In preservation it was used as a mess room on the Llangollen Railway, before coming to the Dartmoor Railway in 2004/5. Here it was annexed to sleeper SLEP 10611 at Meldon until the pair moved to the Okehampton platform 1 bay siding. 94691 is now used partly as a mess room for the sleeper, and partly for storage.


Condition:A bit ropey. Static use only.

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