Stocklist - Locomotives and Multiple Units - 47828

47828 attracting interest at Meldon, a couple of days after its arrival on the DR.
Photographer: Jon Kelsey
Date taken: 07/05/2016

47828 is a Class 47 Co-Co diesel electric locomotive powered by a 2580bhp, 12 cylinder Sulzer 12LDA28C engine. It was built at British Railways Crewe works, entering traffic on Oct 2nd 1965 as D1966, based at 86A Cardiff. Renumbered 47266 in Feb 1974 on the introduction of TOPS, it became 47629 in Oct 1985 and 47828 in June 1989.

It has carried 2 names in its past, 'Severn Valley Railway' (28/04/01) whilst in Virgin Cross Country service, and 'Joe Strummer' * (12/02/05) whilst in Cotswold Rail service. D05 acquired it from Direct Rail Services in 2016.

It has recently (May 2017) been repainted in the Intercity 'Swallow' livery.

Owner:D05 Preservation

Condition:Operational, though only intermittently based on the DR

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[* for the benefit of those entirely immersed in railways, the late lamented Joe Strummer was the vocalist and rhythm guitarist with punk band The Clash.]