Stocklist - Locomotives and Multiple Units - 4220016

Flying Falcon at Meldon
Photographer: Jon Kelsey
Date taken: 16/04/2016

4220016, aka Flying Falcon, is an 0-4-0 diesel hydraulic shunter built by John Fowler of Leeds in 1962. The unusual cut down cab was necessary for the restricted loading gauge at Groby Granite in Leicestershire, its first owner. In 1966 it moved to the nearby Croft Quarry, and in 1996 it came to Meldon. After 20 years in the Meldon climate without much attention it looks a bit scruffy, but it is basically sound and has run in recent times. It's an interesting curiosity, but the lack of train brakes restricts its usefulness, even if it was available for us to use.

There's a bit more information about it, and a photo of it in service, on the Industrial Railway Society website here.

Owner:Transferred to Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust, March 2021

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