Stocklist - Locomotives and Multiple Units - 1132

Thumper 1132/205032 arriving at Okehampton at the start of the day.
Photographer: Jon Kelsey
Date taken: 26/08/2013

1132 is a BR Southern Region class 205 diesel electrical multiple unit, commonly known as a 'Thumper' because of the distinctive noise of its 62 litre 4 cylinder English Electric 4SRKT engine. The set was renumbered 205032 when BR introduced TOPS. It was built in 1962; the underframes at Ashford and everything else at Eastleigh. It was used for commuter services in and around Berkshire until retirement from main network service in 2004. Originally it was a 3 car unit comprising DMBSO (power car) 60150, TSO (centre trailer) 60677 and DTCsoL (driving trailer) 60831, though it operates as a 2 car unit in DR service without the unrestored TSO.

There are more details on information sheets Generic Thumper (118Kb) and 1132 (480Kb).

Owner:Dartmoor Railway CIC

Condition:Restored, out of service for repaint April 2018.

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