Stocklist - Locomotives and Multiple Units - 1128

Bumper Thumper at Meldon during the Not the Last Thump event. This is 1128 as a 3-car unit plus 1132's middle car, but confusingly it's the green one which is 1128's middle car. So left to right the vehicles are 60146 (1128), 60677 (1132), 60673 (1128), 60827 (1128).
Photographer: Tom Baxter
Date taken: 28/09/2014

1128 is a BR Southern Region class 205 diesel electrical multiple unit, commonly known as a 'Thumper' because of the distinctive noise of its 62 litre 4 cylinder English Electric 4SRKT engine. The set was renumbered 205028 when BR introduced TOPS. It was built in 1962; the underframes at Ashford and everything else at Eastleigh. It was used for commuter services in and around Berkshire until retirement from main network service in 2004. The unit comprises DMBSO (power car) 60146, TSO (centre trailer) 60673 and DTCsoL (driving trailer) 60827.

There is a downloadable Information Sheet (118Kb) with more details.

Owner:Dartmoor Railway CIC


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