47828 attracting interest at Meldon, a couple of days after its arrival on the DR.Preparations for the first scheduled train of 2016. D4167 about to propel Lab11 and 61743 from Platform 2Crew of the first train: (l to r) Graham Parkinson, Marian Isom, Graham Isom and Don Bent.Graham Isom with an afternoon train at Meldon Viaduct. We really must finish painting those wasp stripes.Duty manager Paul Martin and guard Don Bent with 4-CEP driving trailer 61743.Sunset over a successful first day.Not a lot of people realise that DRSA owns this brakevan. Even less expected the wheels to go round when we tried to move it. Here's D4167 moving it from the engine shed.The CCT and sleeper about to be dragged away from the buffet. The day's work dragged on into the evening.45060 'Sherwood Forester' in the sun shortly before leaving the DR after a successful winter here.33103 'Swordfish' at the Network Rail / Dartmoor Railway boundary33103 'Swordfish' at Sampford Courtenay33103 'Swordfish' at the Network Rail / Dartmoor Railway boundary33103 'Swordfish' at the Den Brook windfarm crossing33103 'Swordfish' at the Network Rail / Dartmoor Railway boundary

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The man himself

The man himself taken on 2016-08-01 by Geoff Horner.