33103 'Swordfish' arriving at Okehampton from Meldon33103 'Swordfish' being fired up prior to rescuing 47701 which was suffering brake problems.33103 'Swordfish' on its rescue mission45060 'Sherwood Forester' at Meldon45060 'Sherwood Forester' at Meldon45060 'Sherwood Forester' at Okehampton45060 'Sherwood Forester' at Okehampton45060 'Sherwood Forester' at OkehamptonA good crowd awaiting the arrival of 33103 'Swordfish' on Okehampton's platform 333103 'Swordfish' at Okehampton.33103 'Swordfish' at the NR/DR boundary.33103 'Swordfish' at Meldon45060 'Sherwood Forester' at Okehampton with, in the distance, 47701 'Waverley' in platform 2. 45060 'Swordfish' near Park Road overbridge47701 with Keith Netherton and Tiffany Arthurs. Interesting how the boundary is marked by brown plastic crates.Keith Netherton at the controls of 47701.Graham Isom in the cab of 33103 'Swordfish' at the NR/DR boundary during a trial run for the Sulzer weekend.33103 'Swordfish' from Okehampton signal box.45060 'Sherwood Forester' from the cab of 47701 'Waverley'.45060 'Sherwood Forester' and 47701 'Waverley' at the NR/DR boundary.45060 'Sherwood Forester' and 47701 'Waverley' at Meldon.45060 'Sherwood Forester' stabled in Okehampton platform 2 after the Sulzer Weekend45060 'Sherwood Forester' with lucky owner Mike Jacob (centre), DR driver Keith Netherton (2nd left), and members of the Pioneer Diesels group who look after Sherwood so well. After a successful test drive, Keith has decided he'd like one, and is reaching for his chequebook.47701 behind the Meldon undergrowth during the Sulzer Weekend.Stalwart DR driver Keith Netherton changing ends with 45060 'Sherwood Forester' during the Sulzer Weekend. Keith seems to rather like the 'Peak'.DR staff and DRSA volunteers with 45060 'Sherwood Forester' and 47701 'Waverley' during the Sulzer Weekend33103 'Swordfish' heads for Meldon with the last train of the day. 47701 'Waverley' is on the rear, whilst 45060 'Sherwood Forester' is admired in platform 245060 'Sherwood Forester' during the Sulzer Weekend.33103 'Swordfish' arriving back at Okehampton with the 1417 from Coleford Junction.

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45060 'Sherwood Forester' at Okehampton

45060 'Sherwood Forester' at Okehampton taken on 2016-01-24 by John Wills.