Our railway being improved.The New Loram rail grinder heading off down the lineThe 31452 and Rail Grinder ensemble back on Network Rail metals at CreditonUnusual shot of 31452 taken at the groundframe south of Okehampton Station, whilst carrying out brake checks before departing for Derby. The rail grinder is out of sight behind the locomotive.Rail grinder in Okehampton Platform 2, pending departure31452, the only class 31 currently in main line service, arriving at Okehampton to collect the rail grinder.31452 departing for Chaddesden Sidings, Derby, with the rail grinder in tow.Graham Isom and Julian Pope looking pleased with themselves after starting up 1132 for the first time for 2 yearsDartmoor Railway's Chief Mechanical Engineer, and his mate Julian. 1132 on a test run, in the recently extended Okehampton P2 siding.Railgrinder on the DRRailgrinder at Okehampton station.1132 on a test run, at Okehampton33035 outside the workshop at Meldon47828, DB 977335 (The Rocket) and 33035 arriving at Okehampton.33035 at Okehampton, having delivered 47828 for battery charging. 33035 at MeldonFront row l to r: Allenton Fisher (OUC Chairman), Nigel Green. Geoff Horner, Michael Ireland (OUC & DRSA), back row l to r: John Davies, John Coxon, Alan Harris, David Clegg, Karen Percival (OUC)  47828 at ColchesterClass 117 DMU centre car 59520 at Meldon.Ex 4-CEP TSO 70273 at Meldon yard in an earlier guise.Courier van 80225 at MeldonThe LMS brake van at Okehampton, showing the new veranda doors and some flashy white paintwork.

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47828, DB 977335 (The Rocket) and 33035 arriving at Okehampton.

47828, DB 977335 (The Rocket) and 33035 arriving at Okehampton. taken on 2017-03-23 by Paul Martin.