Stocklist - Vans - 731411

The LMS brake van at Okehampton, showing the new veranda doors and some flashy white paintwork.
Photographer: Jon Kelsey
Date taken: 17/10/2015

731411 is an LMS 20 ton Goods Brake Van type CAP, built in 1942 at Derby to diagram D2068. It is the oldest rail vehicle on the Dartmoor Railway. Most of its operational history is unknown, although there is photographic evidence of it in service in an engineer's train at Windermere in 1971, painted in bauxite.

In recent times it has had a couple of makeovers, and this year (2015) it had more serious renovation involving the renewal of some of the woodwork. At the same time the opportunity was taken to fit doors, to enable it to be used for brake van rides.

Owner:Dartmoor Railway Supporters' Association

Condition:Operational, sometimes part of the vacuum braked heritage rake.

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