By joining the DRSA you will be kept in touch with developments, receive an illustrated magazine every quarter, and discounted tickets for our train services.

Joining the DRSA makes you eligible to become a working volunteer on the railway. We have a youth membership for 14 & 15 year olds. Individual membership costs £17, joint membership £23 and youth membership £10. Membership is for a calendar year - if joining after July 1st these prices are halved, i.e. £8.50, £11.50 and £5.00 respectively. New members joining after November 1st (actually October 26th in 2016!)secure membership to the end of the following year.

2017 DRSA members will be entitled one free Dartmoor Railway ticket. Included with the membership card will be a voucher, redeemable during the 2017 season at the ticket office for an All Day Rover ticket. As we have to start distributing vouchers before details of 2017 DR services are finalised, this benefit is based on the assumption that 2017 service structure and fares will be similar to 2016. As such it is provisional at the moment. It will not be valid on special event days.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for more details or download an application form:

DRSA 2017 membership application form (68Kb)

Membership Secretary:
Geoff Horner, 11 Collatons Walk, Bow, Devon, EX17 6LS